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The World of Satellite TV: What You Need To Know About Its Systems and Services Acquiring Satellite TV Systems and Service has become a trend among many households worldwide as consumers become more demanding and tech savvy. One obvious reason is that people are tired of the usual boring TV channels and the frustratingly unclear reception. With satellite TV systems and services, consumers are offered a new way of experiencing TV.  For one, viewers have a lot to choose from in terms of programs such as unlimited box office hits, news, sports and a lot more. Furthermore, they get to enjoy high definition images and unmatched sound quality.  People unfamiliar with satellite television may be skeptical about its advantages. That satellite TV is costly or complicated is a common misconception. Although there is nothing wrong with sticking with the old-fashioned way of watching TV, there is actually a lot that is missed.  Below are things you need to know about satellite TV. Here are the most recent satellite TV reviews and Dish Network reviews that show you what both satellite TV providers have to offer. Important Facts About Satellite TV Everything about satellite TV is easy to handle. First, one needs to know the products such as a satellite - a technological breakthrough above the earth that sends signals to households so that they get to watch audiovisual material in HD quality. These signals are picked up by a satellite dish, another product responsible for feeding the signals into the entertainment system that includes a high definition TV. Dishes are usually erected on the roofs of houses or buildings.  Satellite technology can reach a subscriber wherever they live. Reception is always crystal clear and sharp, unlike cable television which uses wires that can deteriorate. Here’s a video that shows you how satellite TV works: Advantages of Satellite TV Technology has also opened the door for more exceptional options in terms of communication. This is why people are turning to top-of the line products and services which includes satellite systems and services. Advantages include: high quality entertainment thanks to excellent sound and picture quality that make viewing more enjoyable; plus countless programs to enjoy. For family members with different TV preferences, satellite television is the absolute answer. Sports maniacs have hundreds of channels to choose from. Businessmen can get the day’s business updates before heading into the concrete jungle. Health enthusiasts will be delighted with the fitness and wellness TV shows. For those who want to be informed with the world’s affairs, there are many news channels with non-stop coverage. Movie addicts also have unlimited choices. Satellite TV rates have become affordable and special rates are offered. You may want to check companies that offer free satellite TV systems. Satellite TV vs. Cable TV Satellite TV has a lot of advantages over cable TV. Satellite TV has more stations, more programming, less problems with transmissions, better DVR systems, and is cheaper than cable. Here’s a video about why cable TV is losing it’s market share: Quick Facts About Satellite TV 350+ satellite TV channels available,  all with digital picture and sound  200+ HD Channels to consider Local TV channels with HD picture and sound 500 movies per month, less the annoying advertisements Thousands upon thousands of TV programs and movies being streamed Around 100 music channels with high quality digital sound  offered for free Excellent 24/7 customer service which may include a free phone Unclear Signals? There are a few cases wherein some customers do not receive clear signals. To avoid this, make sure nothing obstructs the satellite transmission to your dish like trees and buildings. Also, use only a high definition TV set for optimum results.