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Directv Services In The U.S. One of the leading US providers of direct broadcast satellite service is DirecTV, which traces its roots to Hughes Electronics, one of the earlier entities established by Howard Hughes.  As the name implies, subscribers can get direct television and audio services via satellite signals. Established in 1994, DirecTV provides more options for televiewers and radio fans. Services include those that are similar to local television stations, broadcast TV networks, subscription television services, private video services, and satellite radio. Its extensive reach spans from North America all the way to the Caribbean region and Latin America. News reports indicate that DirecTV may possibly be absorbed by AT&T, Inc. pending government approval. As a satellite services provider, it offers customers with numerous television channels offering a wide variety of programs and features. Receiving DirecTV Broadcasts Transmission equipment. Like any other typical satellite broadcast services provider, DirecTV beams its broadcasts to a satellite above the earth, which then transmits signals to subscribers. Customers receive these signals via small reception antennas usually a few yards or meters in size. Upon subscription, the client is provided a satellite dish, the main equipment that receives transmissions. The subscription package also includes an integrated receiver/decoder which can be operated only with a DirecTV access card - also part of the package. Other Subscribers. DirecTV is not just limited to providing services to households. Service- oriented businesses like restaurants and bars, hotels, hospitals, and dorms are also served by DirecTV. Its satellite programs are also offered to land, sea, and air transport. DirecTV Services Regular Rates. DirecTV offers lots of subscription packages that allow customers to choose programming that suits their requirements. A subscription fee is paid monthly, the amount of which depends on the chosen package. Premium Plans. Premium plans are available including one that guarantees repair or replacement of satellite equipment damaged by lightning strikes, sudden power surges, and others. Other packages include lease of DVRs, additional receivers, and HD channels, as well as access to premium channels. Pay-Per-View. DirecTV acquires the rights to distribute and broadcast special events and other programs and videos. Examples are movies and sports events. From its Colorado headquarters, these programs are encrypted and transmitted to satellites in orbit. Only individuals who subscribe to this plan get to view the programs. Here’s a review of DirecTV: DirecTV Exclusive channels and packages for Subscribers Audience Network – DirecTV's own exclusive entertainment channel n3D - an exclusive 3DTV channel called n3D. Audience Network – DirecTV's own exclusive entertainment channel n3D - an exclusive 3DTV channel Exclusive U.S. rights holder to sports package (NFL Sunday Ticket) Exclusively feeds not available on other networks (CBS, NBC, ESPN, Golf Channel and Tennis Channel) Exclusive channels in Latin America DirecTV Sports, 24-hour sports broadcast OnDirecTV: 24-hour streaming of movies, series, telenovelas, entertainment, realities and shows HDTV & UHDTV DirecTV offers high-definition television (HDTV) for crystal clear images. Recently, it started using UHDTV or ultra high-definition television, becoming the first multi-channel video provider that offers 4K Ultra HD which is strictly video on demand with a line-up of up to 20 movies.